Sydney Orchid Centre

Sydney Orchid Centre


The Sydney Orchid Centre is the retail arm of The Orchid Mart, a wholesale nursery located in Kenthurst in north-western Sydney, about 40 km from Sydney CBD and about 45 minutes drive via the M2 Freeway.

We grow mainly Slipper Orchids and Cymbidiums as well as some Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, hardcane Dendrobium and miscellaneous species and hybrids in over an acre of heated and unheated glasshouses as well as an extensive shadehouse.

Seong grows the Slipper Orchids, George grows the Cymbidiums and Roy oversees and maintains the infrastructure of the nursery.

Our Orchids

Most of our Slipper Orchids are sourced from reliable nurseries in the US, Taiwan and Thailand. We have started our own breeding program.

Our Cymbidiums are crosses made by George and Seong in the past 20 years for the showbench, pot-plant and cut-flower market.

We grow white, semi-alba and pink Phalaenopsis. Our white Phalaenopsis are from the breeding lines of Bryants Nursery at Kurnel before it closed.

Slipper Orchids