Sydney Orchid Centre

Sydney Orchid Centre


George Serhan is one of Australia's top Cymbidium growers and has made many hybrids that have won awards.

If you are interested in Cymbidiums from the Sydney Orchid Centre, please contact George on 0416015612


Cym. Tathra 'TOM'

The deepest dark red Cymbidium of very good filled-in round shape with an attractive smiling labellum, good for breeding shapely dark red Cymbidiums of strong substance.

A division of the original Cym. Tathra 'TOM'


Whole plant in flower

Flowers opening

Fat plump bulbs


Cym. Serhan's Passion 'Marion' FCC/AOC

This is a piece of the original Cym. Serhan's Passion 'Marion' in flower on a well-grown healthy plant

Great as a show-bench, pot plant and cut-flower


Whole plant in a 7-inch pot

Perfectly shaped flowers of deep pink on a strong raceme

Plump round bulbs

Cymbidiums are now in season.